DC Eagle Cam

Eagle Cam A: National Arboretum, Washington DC

This is one of two cams live streaming the bald eagles Mr. President and Lotus, located in the National Arboretum of Washington DC.

Eagle Cam B: National Arboretum, Washington DC

This is the second cam, live streaming the bald eagles Mr. President and Lotus from another angle.

DC Eagle Cam Side by Side View

Eagle Cam A
Eagle Cam B

DC Eagle Cam FAQ

Where are the DC eagles?

The DC eagles are nested in a Tulip Poplar Tree within the United States National Arboretum in Washington DC.

Where is the National Arboretum eagle cam?

There are two cams (Cam A and Cam B) which show two different angels of the pair of Bald Eagles nested in Washington DC. The nest is located in the United States National Arboretum in Washington DC.

Who are the DC Eagles?

The pair of Eagles nesting, which can be seen in the cams, are named Mr. President and Lotus. LOTUS is an acronym for Lady of the United States.

History of The DC Eagles

Here are some of the highlights since 2015:


  • Establishment of the Nest: The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) first learned about the nest during an educational visit to Capitol Hill and partnered with the U.S. National Arboretum (USNA) to set up high-definition video cameras at the nest.
  • First Eaglet (DC1): Mr. President and The First Lady successfully raised their first eaglet, a significant event that marked the beginning of their popularity.


  • Growing Popularity: The live eagle cam gained tremendous attention with over 63 million views. The eagles raised two eaglets named Freedom (DC2) and Liberty (DC3).
  • Nest Maintenance: After the migration, efforts were made to stabilize the nest structure to prevent potential collapses, enhancing the long-term sustainability of the nesting site.

2017 – 2018

  • Ongoing Observations and Maintenance: Each year, the eagles returned to the nest, with the cameras capturing every key moment of their nesting process. The community around the eagle cam grew, focusing on eagle conservation and the unique insights provided by the live stream.


  • Change in Partners: After some years with The First Lady, Mr. President was spotted with a new mate, Lotus (Lady of the United States). This change sparked discussions and curiosity among the eagle-watching community.

2020 – 2021

  • Continued Monitoring and Community Engagement: The live stream continued to attract viewers, providing educational insights into the life of bald eagles. The eagles maintained their routine of returning to the nest and raising new eaglets.


  • Discovery of a Second Nest: A second nest was found closer to the river and golf course, confirmed to be inhabited by Mr. President and Lotus, showing the expansion of their territory within the arboretum area.

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